I Want to Spread Kindness

Step 1

Register online using the form below to get your unique individual Kindness Code emailed to you.

Please share with us as much information as you feel comfortable with. It would be great to know how far our kindness has spread.


Step 2

Check your email to make sure that you have received your kindness code.


Step 3

Create some kindness! This is where you get to be creative. Find some medium to leave your kindness for a stranger. Most of us find that cards and postcards are the easiest form of kindness to give. But letters, gift cards, homemade cookies, etc. are all great ideas! (*Hint: We have free templates for you to download and print your own cards at home on our Free Stuff page).


Step 4

Add some kind words. These can be quotes, affirmations, or any words you think people would like to hear.

Need Some Ideas?

“You are loved.”

“You are enough.”

“You are beautiful inside and out.”


Step 4

Add your Kindness Code! While the person or people who find your kindness may not make it to our website to register the kindness, we would like to give them the option. If they find your kindness, they have the option of coming to our website and letting us know they found some kindness. If they share your code with us, we can let you know too!

Be sure to direct them to kindnesscouriers.com or they can find us on Twitter: @kindcouriers


Step 5

Leave your kindness somewhere.

Need Some Ideas?

Leave a card in a library book when you return it.

Leave a card in a book at a bookstore for a future buyer.

Leave a card for your waiter along with a tip.

Pin your card to a railing outside for a passerby to find.

Leave a card in someone’s mailbox as you walk by.


Step 6

Share your kindness with us! Take a picture and email us or find us on Twitter: @kindcouriers and use #kindnesscouriers so we can find you!


Step 7

You’re done! That’s it! Unless you want to spread some more kindness? 🙂

If your kindness recipient decides to register your kindness with us, we will let you know. Otherwise, basque in the glow of knowing that someone will find your little kindness treasure and have a brighter day because of it.


Thanks so much for becoming a Kindness Courier!